Initial Necklace


This necklace is quite an outstanding piece- it contains a heart on which the name is written. The heart, as we all know is a symbol of love. If you want to celebrate love, then this is the perfect gift. Whether you are looking for a Valentine’s gift, or are celebrating your anniversary, this makes for the perfect gift. If you do not have someone special to celebrate with, you need not worry; simply place an order for a necklace that contains your name. It is perfectly okay to celebrate yourself and the achievements that you have made.


Materials: 14K Gold on Sterling Silver. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Finish: 14KT Gold plating

Chain length: optional

Weight: Light (1.1g)

365-day warranty

 Nickel-free. Safe for Sensitive Skin

  Shipping emissions are carbon neutralized

 Ethical factories and fair  practices

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